I dedicate this poem to our current and future generations!

My heart is inditing, on what, on a good matter
My tongue is like a pen, of what, of a poetic ready writer
Can I speak on such things, you may, I am touching the KING
Which makes me believe, believe what, HE is the reason why
I live and I breathe, but with your doubt and unbelief
How than can we touch and agree, Ummm,
For that is one of the many tricks used by
that fallen angel, who, the enemy,
Who came to bring strife, but the LORD came to give life,
that more abundant, Aha, how come then your so reluctant, Hmmm,
For the kingdom suffereth violence, Sssh,
That is why I willed not to be silence,
Oh ye faithless generation,
do not neglect such a great salvation
Oh ye ladies, Yes, let your virtue shine through, Okay
Gents, huh, be a mighty man of valor, stay true, Hoorah
For the LORD is the one who created you, Indeed,
What? Do you not think HE knows how to Love You? Ummm…Hmmm…

Quantina Lanisha Keller